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Here's the following note Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the cross-global alliance, sent to his North American staff today to explain why he wouldn't be coming to this year's Christmas party. I feel like I'm reading a speech by Imelda Marcos or something.

Sent on behalf of Carlos Ghosn, president & chief executive officer, Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.

Today we are announcing the new global leadership team for 2007. These changes are a natural part of our management process in order to ensure that Nissan continues on its path of sustainable growth and profitability. Our financial results for 2006 have been for the first time in eight years below our forecast, and management needs to respond to this challenge.

Through the Nissan Way, we have put people at the center of our competitive advantage. Now, more than ever, it will be the power coming from inside the company that will make the difference between Nissan declining or renewing with healthy, profitable growth for the long term. The need to rebuild the integrity of our culture of commitments and rediscover the urgency and transparency that drove our revival is more important than ever.

Regarding my own role, I have decided that it is the right time to hand responsibility for MC-A to Hiroto Saikawa now that in the U.S. we have completed the transition of the HQ, the product offensive has started and a new team is in place. This will allow me to focus on the total Nissan business and on the Alliance.

We have also decided to expand the size of the executive committee, recognizing the importance and number of breakthroughs we need to deliver under Nissan Value-Up and beyond. This change will enable us to act with a deeper and broader insight into all the factors that drive our performance.

We have proved in the past that Nissan is capable of fast and decisive actions that deliver remarkable results. I am confident that these changes provide the leadership and focus needed to boost our short-term performance in 2007 and put the company back on track for delivering our true potential in the long term.

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