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Bam, it hits you in the face with all dat chrome. This rolling bling hole is an Isotta Franschini 8A that was built in 1933 and is one of three completed and two surviving. A bling hole? Well, that's something with so much bling, no attention around it can escape its bling field, think Mr. T in his heyday. All eyes are diverted away from other bling and towards the Isotta, I mean, it's so balla that it's captured the sun. Strangely, its first owner was comedian Joe Panner, who must have been running shine on the side because this baby cost $20,000 in 1933. I'll save you the effort, that's about $285,645 in today's money. Dayum, that guy must have been the Jay Leno of his time (Jay, call me).

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