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We're sorry we're not using the normal OCPDG graphic this evening, but to tell you the truth, we kinda miss Dylan "Stock Stud" Ratigan — in a totally hetero man-love kind of way. The man's got an on-air gravitas that makes listening to financial news and views an interesting and appealing process. Yes, we know you don't have to really twist our arms to get us to watch the current On The Money "Money Bunnies," Melissa Francis and Margaret Brennan, but although they're both equally intelligent as they are totally foxy (Rowr!), we still miss the "Stock Stud." He's the only one we know that can equal out the level of cockiness Wert exudes in his auto pundit performances. But we digress, Dylan's moved out of the middle of the "Money block" and gone on to Times Square a land of milk and "Hunny"...and anyway, we're supposed to be talking about Wert, aren't we? He'll be talking hybrids tonight at 7:30 PM EST on CNBC's show that's always following on top of the money, and that means it's time for some new rules. And as always, if you're a bit lost, just take a trip back down memory lane to see all of our Official Car Pundit Drinking Game coverage.

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