Could the Bugatti Veyron be satisfied with a downgrade to second fastest production car? That's the goal of SSC, builder of dated-looking but nonetheless mad supercars like the Ultimate Aero TT. The company plans to break the 253-mph record on a 12 mile stretch of Nevada's Highway 93. It's doing it with help from MKM racing and the car's own 1,183 hp and 1,094 ft-lbs of torque from a proprietary twin-turbo V8. The company boasts that wind tunnel testing at NASA's Langley, Virginia facility revealed a coefficient of d drag of just .357 and indicated a theoretical top speed for the 2,750 lb Ultimate Aero TT of 273 mph. Whether that's possible in a non-controlled environment remains to be seen on March 21. Stock up on 1200-speed film, kids. This might be a toughie.

[via Rideroom]

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