British buff book breaks Ferrari FF

The chaps at CAR magazine discovered the difficulty of talking to the camera while simultaneously driving a car when they crashed their Ferrari FF while trying to do just that. UPDATE!


The reviewer, Jethro Bovingdon, rightly freaks out after smashing what is a $285K car. Perhaps he was bothered because he said the words "It seems to work really really well" right before the accident. Followed by him running out to assess the damage, getting into the car, chanting "Oh my god" and "No, no no" repeatedly.

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Here's Bovingdon's take on what happened via Twitter after the video was posted.
With no photos of the crash, CAR is doing auto journalism a major disservice, since crashing a Ferrari FF is the story if you do it. Mind crawling out from under the rock to share some photos?

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Update: Some commenters found photos he posted via his phone to the web of the car pre-accident. Turns out it's he crashed a British Racing Green FF and there's some disagreement over whether this is a good or a bad thing.


UPDATE II: Apparently, he was given the green car before-and-after the wreck but damaged a blue one. You can see one dinky photo of it here.

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Honestly, I can understand how he feels and I don't really blame him as much as some people are. I myself drive a right-hand drive car (though in America; I love the looks I get from people, haha) and have been for close to 6 months. I'm so used to it that when I drive a 'normal' left-hand drive vehicle, I find myself drifting a bit farther to the right than I normally would and I'm not quite as aware of how close to the curb or line the right side of the car is. It's an adjustment issue and it's something I've felt before, so I can't really criticize the guy for what was an honest mistake that really is quite easy to make.