Toyota FT-86 II Concept continues turning balls blue

Illustration for article titled Toyota FT-86 II Concept continues turning balls blue

The Toyota FT-86 will eventually add to the Toyota lineup the dose of fun long missing. Until then, here's some more video and images of them teasing you with the FT-86 II Concept.

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Such an over-wrought car that will likely end-up under-delivering, and I don't like saying that.

I hope it does well, but all the committee-think that is plainly evident over the last few years of rumors, I am not convinced.

This thing isn't going to be as pure as a Subaru-powered MR2 would be, as a highly-affordable alternative to a Porsche.

Nor is it going to be as versatile as an Impreza Design Concept derived AWD GT Coupe for every day use, come what may.

This car isn't going to be lifestyle-fun enough to replace my paid off Miata, to overcome the drawbacks of a small car. Small cars need to be VERY fun, which for me would include targa roof or convertible top, and drop-dead gorgeous styling. This car has neither, nor more than 200 horsepower.

This car isn't going to be winter-capable and versatile, and comfortable enough to replace my paid-off Legacy GT turbo, or SVX H6 coupe, both with significantly more power, more traction, and more comfortable for my 6'2" height on longer trips.

This thing is in limbo between a truly amazing and very fun sports car, by not having more power, much better styling, and more lifestyle appeal, and a truly versatile Subaru-grade multi-tool of a car with AWD and practicality on board.

If Toyota were building an MR2 successor with Subaru power, and Subaru were building an Impreza Design Concept AWD coupe, with a top-end STI-grade car with all the toys, and my choice of turbo 4 motor-sport or EZ36 grand-touring engines (tuned to 300+ horsepower like the rest of the 6-cylinder coupe market right now).

I would plan on a way to have one of each. I would trade all three of my current cars for those two.

The FT-86 is stuck in limbo between them, and thus not great at either role.