AOL's right hand meets its left hand, Huffington Post

On Friday we noted numerous media reports and a statement from AOL claiming Autoblog's littler brother AutoBlogGreen was being folded into its larger sibling — or just outright getting killed. AutoBlog "publisher" John Neff said we were wrong. Before Neff had even gone on the hard-nosed defense, we'd received a statement from Huffington Post PR person Mario Ruiz saying that we were, in fact, correct in our throwaway story that was less about anything other than informing you, our readers, of what others saying. Now, because we've decided that we just can't get enough of reporting about a website enjoyed thoroughly by probably very few of our readers, we're hearing back from Ruiz saying he was completely wrong:

Ray and Mike, it's me again, emailing to correct myself. Autoblog Green will be staying exactly the same – same web address, same content. I apologize for only adding to the confusion.

Could you please update? again, sorry, and thank you

Yes folks, although this was not the comedy we meant to be doing on these pages this weekend, but, because it's here — right hand, meet left hand. We're pretty sure y'all will get along smashingly. And if you don't, can you at least work on getting your message right before it leaves and heads over to our place to annoy our lives? Thanks.



C'mon, Ray, just admit you were wrong — and you got caught being snarky in the process. Ya, as if you wouldn't get all hard-nosed, too, if someone incorrectly reported the death of Jalopnik. Be a mensch about it. And like Neff said, a confirmation call or two couldn't hurt, could it? Smile, people, smile... It's COMEDY!