So you've got your JB Weld for repairing the big hole that durned exploding whiskey still blew in your radiator, and you always buy the 55-gallon Economy Size drum of Bondo for when you wrap El Busamino around a pine tree. But what to use for reattaching trim pieces, dangling headliners, rearview mirrors, etc? Shoe Goo! Intended for use by those who wish to reattach separated shoe soles (and also a favorite of skateboarders who want to put a better gripping surface on their boards), Shoe Goo also serves as an extremely useful adhesive for "field expedient" car repairs. It's clear, tough, flexible, and will stick to just about any dry surface; I've used Shoe Goo to attach switches to dash panels, reassemble shattered turn-signal lenses, and attach a bowling trophy to the hood of a punkified Datsun B210. As an added bonus, Shoe Goo boasts the most toxic smell this side of starter fluid, so you know it's good.

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