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For every new day it seems like we're getting more and more speculation, rumor and non-news on the potential for a Chrysler Group sale. Today's batch comes over the back fence to us from Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal. The Journal's reporting that the more-equal-than-others side of the German-American hybrid is looking to have a short list of potential suitors for the 'merican side by the general shareholder meeting on April 4th in Berlin. Whether or not it'll be a late April Fool's Day surprise is anyone's guess. Bloomberg News on the other hand is reporting some non-news in the form of an interview with UAW President Ron Gettelfinger on WJR-AM in Detroit. Gettelfinger's reported as saying he thinks it'd be a good idea for DaimlerChrysler to retain the second half of it's name,

"We want to keep Chrysler Group in the family...I'm not ready to concede Chrysler Group is going to come out of DaimlerChrysler."

Strong words there Ron — now what are you going to do about it? Vote against it at the board meeting perhaps? Ok, so that means the vote will be everyone minus one in favor of cutting Chrysler and one against.

Report: UAW president says Chrysler shouldn't be sold [Detroit News]

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