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Ferrari Daytona featured on Top Gear goes to auction

Illustration for article titled Ferrari Daytona featured on Top Gear goes to auction

The 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona that Richard Hammond drove in a season 12 episode of Top Gear is going up for sale at a British auction in May. To celebrate the Ferrari Daytona's 40th anniversary, Top Gear featured the Daytona in a race from Portofino in the Italian Rivera to Saint Tropez, France. Racing against Hammond and the Daytona was the world's fastest diesel production boat co-piloted by the UK's slowest Top Gear host, James May.


Even if it is wrong-hand-drive, we are confident this beautiful vintage Ferrari wouldn't have any problem drawing interest even if it hadn't been on television. The Daytona's classic lines combined with a 4.4 liter Ferrari V12 make it, in Hammond's words, "the absolute essence of pure European supercar." Pre auction estimates have the car selling in the £180,000-£210,000 or $290,142 to $338,499 range. Even if you don't have the money to purchase this Daytona and take it on a European holiday, you can at least dream about it while watching Top Gear's trip. Part one of the Top Gear segment is below and part two can be found here.

[Historics at Brooklands via AutoBlog UK]

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Is it odd I somehow almost prefer the 5-door version?