Renault rolls out special Dacia Duster just for French ski instructors

Renault's Dacia brand isn't well known for going after the well-monied. Luckily, with this special Dacia Duster, they don't have to — they can go after their socialist French ski instructors.


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Spiegel - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hopes to post on oppos!

Whenever I think of a French ski instructor I think of a guy with a pencil thin mustache, long curly hair and an accent so thick you can cut it, spread it over some pancakes and eat it. His personality is very skeevy and quite douchy (he's French what did you expect). He lies to women to get them into bed and then kicks them out after he's had his fill.

He spends his days skiing up and down the alps in his bright yellow spandex, aerodynamically designed pants while wearing an over-sized coat, similar to those you find at urban outfitters, lots of useless pockets and tons of useless buttons.

He doesn't teach you more than scald you at your horrible posture and idiotic motor movement as this is your first ski lesson ever. He mutters under his breath what a capitalist pig you are while either complementing you if you're a woman or pretty much telling you to fuck off if you're a guy.

He eats very little and smokes quite a lot. He hangs around in the cabin where he has his main squeeze. And by "main squeeze" I mean the slutty bartender whom he only bangs whenever the ski lodge is out of season and there aren't any more american capitalist vaginas anywhere on the mountain.

He complains how hard his job is while he's sitting on his favorite chair in the lodge, his feet resting on the table in front of him, looking out the window with the big moose-head trophy above him, smoking a cigar and drinking a hot cocoa.

With marshmallows.