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24 Year Old Arrested After Trying To Race Unmarked Cop Car

Illustration for article titled 24 Year Old Arrested After Trying To Race Unmarked Cop Car

A 24-year-old manchild was arrested early Sunday morning in Washington State when he pulled alongside an unmarked state trooper Dodge Charger on the highway and tried to race the officer.


The Olympian reports that the 24 year old in a VW Jetta approached the unmarked Charger at around 77 miles an hour, pulling alongside the trooper. The VW's passenger then rolled down the window and flashed a peace sign at the trooper before the VW took off. The officer claimed the car reached speeds of 120 miles an hour.

At that point, the trooper hit the lights and the VW driver hit the brakes "so hard that the back end of the vehicle was fish tailing because he was so shocked," the trooper told the Olympian.


The 24 year old was arrested for reckless driving as well as driving with a suspended license.

(Hat tip to Chris!)

Photo Credit: Dodge

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77 mph to 120mph in a Jetta? Just how long did the cop wait to turn on his lights? 80 wasn't enough?