Transformers "Dark of the Moon" Sideswipe, Bumblebee: First Look

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The latest Transformers flick "Dark of the Moon" promises to be more than an extended Chevy commercial, but that doesn't mean the mechanical stars won't still be robots disguised as GM products. Here's a first look at the new ZL1-inspired Bumblebee Camaro and topless Corvette Stingray concept named Sideswipe.

Both of these new cars were spotted undisguised at a charity unveiling in Royal Oak, Mich., by KGP photographers. This gives us our best view yet at what's been changed and what's been maintained for the third installment in Michael Bay's robo-destructo ballet.

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Starting with everyone's favorite lovable Decepticon-kicking Camaro, Bumblebee continues its transformation into an ever more aggressive version of itself. This time it picks up some cues from the 2012 Camaro ZL1 including the addition of massive hood vents.

Previous designs seen in the Transformers films have ended up in production, though with the Camaro it seems to be the other way around.

The designers have also added a touch of carbon fiber in the front fascia and a giant wing, a look we're curious if they'll carry over to a special edition movie-themed version of the car for the teenagers and senior citizens who tend to be the biggest customers of such cars.


Once again, Sideswipe is an evolution of Corvette's Stingray concept. This time it's a convertible/speedster. But designers didn't stop there as Sideswipe also sports completely new headlights and a slightly revised front fascia to go with them.


With wild rumors flying out about the next C7 Corvette being a mid-engined, hybrid, V6-powered modern supercar fueled by unicorn farts it's possible the Stringray might hint at what this next 'Vette will look like, and it's worth nothing that the Stringray logo is still completely present on this concept.

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my what...ummm...small brakes you have there sideswipe.