COTD: Cale Yarborough edition

We'll keep the barn door on Nascar-hating closed for the moment and say only that it was damn time the first driver to win three championships joined what can now properly be considered a Hall of Fame. Cale Yarborough was known for a lot of close races and the occasional crackerjack fistfight, but he also won four Daytona 500s. Sometimes you have to be tested to learn perseverence, a trait Half the wheels questioned when confronted with the latest in Libyan rebel ingenuity:

*Half' thinks about what he'd do in a rebel situation like this...*

Rebel Leader: The trucks are doing well, but we need more armor plating on the sides and rear. Small arms fire is fine, but we're in an urban situation, and we don't know where we're going to get from at any given time.

Former Mechanic: I can weld armor plating to the truck and beef up the suspension to help compensate for the load.

Rebel Leader: Excellent! What else?

Former Engineer: Building a swivel for the machine gun isn't a problem; I'll also rig a remote firing and FLiR system to help keep the people out of danger.

Rebel Leader: Perfect! You! In the back, what can you do?

Half: Me?

Rebel Leader: You're the only white guy in Libya right now who doesn't work for the BBC - yes you.

Half: can come up with a really striking branding package for the rebellion. A nice logo and color style guide to help make sure we're seen as a cohesive group.

Rebel Leader: A...a what? A logo?

Half: Well, yeah, a logo, but it's more than that. You need to make sure you're presenting a cohesive identity to the outside world, that way you drive home your brand and what you want the rebellion to represent.

Rebel Leader: You can't be - alright fine. Whatever. Get on that.

Half: I'll need a computer and a copy of both Indesign and Illustrator.

Rebel Leader: Illustrator and Indesign.

Half: Yes. And a computer. Preferably a MacBook, if possible. But I'll work on a PC; I know there's a war going on.

*Rebel Leader shoots Half*

I'm going to need to learn to weld at some point.


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Congratulations, Mr. Half the wheels, on COTD! I have some help for you with this vehicle (VW something or other). This lovely lady will be of great help, and will be there as soon as she finishes her smoke. Good job, Sir! []