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• The most over-used and hackneyed analogy — Anna Nicole Smith was a "car crash" and all of us are "rubberneckers." Still, she was a hell of a car crash, wasn't she? [Mirathon]
• This man will make his own bio-diesel car. We can't wait to watch that car crash waiting to happen. [d.i.y. naturally]
• Visit or you'll end up with XM radio in your new Murano. [Learned The Hard Way]
• Oh look, more Anna Nicole Smith car crash references. [Caffeinated Politics]
• A preview of the NASCAR season. It's already back? [Race Driven]
• Dude, I so want Craig at Hot Rod to build a jet engine. [Hot Rod]
• Frank Williams gets a promotion. Way to go Frank — now don't fuck it up. [The Truth About Cars]

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