The picture above's from the introduction of Pontiac's new G8 muscle car, and as you can see, that's one seriously excited GM vice chairman for products. We know "Maximum" Bob Lutz's focus is the look and feel of the product β€” but he was spending a lot of time on the hard-core sell of the "great style" talking point on the new Pontiac G8. Although we didn't catch it on video when he did it twice during the introduction when he claimed the Holden Commodore-derived RWD V6 and V8 muscle car had "it" during his prepared remarks occurring right after the reveal. But after that, when he took a second to scrum it up with some press folks and decided to drop the "great style" line in a few more times β€” and by a "few more times" we mean like seven β€” we were there to catch him on tape. We're all about someone being on message but come on, there's got to be a limit on this stuff. Below the jump, we've got video of both the official intro of the G8 and then an example of Bob double-pumping the "great style" twice in the same sound bite. But please, judge for yourself via the gallery below whether Bob over-pushes it and let us know in the comments what you think. In case you're looking for all of our show coverage, check our Chicago Auto Show mini-site for all of this past week's action.

Enter The Pontiac G8!

Bob Lutz Thinks The G8 Has "Great Style!"


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