Firestone isn't really the Wal-Mart of tires, except that after the Explorer debacle, they sort of ended up seeming that way. We mean, even the American government seems to be willing to bet more on the French. However, there was a time when a Firestone tire at Indianapolis meant something. Ask Foyt and cohorts. Ronnie James Dio obviously thought so, as he pilfered the brand in a lyric. And let's face it, dragons, crosses, wheels, the sun and silver mountains are all iconic. So if Dio covertly endorses Firestone tires, shouldn't corporate parent Bridgestone work to turn it into a premium brand? From our point of view, they'd be retarded not to. Last in line to first in the industry? Hells yes! Is there any better way to scream "Death to falsely-constructed rubber?" We think not.

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