Angela Merkel just applied a blast furnace to the cockles of our speed-freak hearts by standing up to the EU and asserting that unrestricted autobahn speeds aren't negotiable. The key to the development of the most Brucetastic vehicles in the world, the highways are a wonder of order and precision, at least when compared to the 405. The German chancellor stared down EU Environmental Commissioner Stavros Dimas when he asserted that Germany isn't doing enough to be green. Funny, because when we studied in Germany a decade ago, it was a helluva lot greener than the US is now. Plus, gas prices and the cost and rigorous nature of driver training in Germany, as well as serious TUV inspections, combined with impeccably-maintained roadways make travel by car in the nation, from our anecdotal experience, some of the safest and cleanest in the world.

We agree with Merkel; the unrestricted Autobahn and its success add to German prestige. And as the EU clamps down on emissions, practicioners of Bruce's black, precise art will simply build more powerful, cleaner engines. You cannot stop Bruce. You can't even contain it. It will triumph. And the autobahn is Bruce's natural habitat. Limit the 'Bahn and you neuter Bruce. Remember what happened last time international governments cut the Germans off at the cojones?

Germany's Open Speed Limits To Continue — But for How Long? [Inside Line via Autoblog]