Alex Taylor makes a case against Ford bringing over European models that's based largely on suckiness. He cites the Merkur catastrophe as the rationale behind Americans not wanting European Fords. The reason Americans didn't want European Fords is that they knew not what the hell a Merkur was. I, as a child who watched a rather average amount of television in the 1980s, only knew about Merkur when we stopped by a Lincoln/Mercury dealership to get a part for our Colony Park and I saw a Sierra XR4i sitting on the lot and wondered what the hell that was about.

People who didn't take semi-regular European vacations wouldn't have a clue. That's not selling a car unright for the market, that's simply bad advertising and market positioning. Taylor also cites the Opelization of Saturn. Who cares? Nobody gives a toss about the legacy of Saturn beyond the dealer experience, anyway. And most people who buy Saturns have absolutely no clue what an Opel is in the first place. GM needs money. Opels finally don't really suck. Saturns still kind of do. Tourniquet! The US automakers, except for the .5 of Chrysler, are finally beginning to get serious about the potential for their Euro product lines in America and we applaud it. Now give us a revived Opel/Saturn Manta, dammit. And a Mondeo XR4i.

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