Our boy Yozzie, the down-under version of Paul Drake, uncovered this tidbit related to the new Holden Commodore Ute (that's the one with the pickup bed). Sources of CarPoint say "substantial" export orders from "the Americas" have led company execs to push up the launch date of the new Commodore Ute to this Spring, instead of the Fall. What's more, the new ute will be built with left-hand drive. Could that mean Chevrolet is planning to revive the El Camino badge? GM is already raiding Holden's work product for the Pontiac G8 and the rear-drive underpinnings of the upcoming Camaro; how hard would it be to send over the next Holden ute on the same boat? We're not holdin' (hiho!) our breaths around here, considering the likely target is Brazil. Still, a renewed sense of truckcarishness would vindicate Jalop to the max. Hold out hope.

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