Should there ever be a Nobel prize for swapping huge engines from military vehicles into passenger cars, Jay Leno would probably be called to Oslo. But for every Leno there are probably at least five guys like Locomotive Breath from the Jalopy Journal forums. Into his 1970 Mustang, he dropped in a 1,100 cubic-inch Ford V8 — from a WWII Sherman tank — that makes a 427 cammer look like, oh I don't know, a Duratec 23? A Briggs and Stratton four stroke? Originally rated at 500 hp and a European theater-stomping 1,050 lb-ft. of torque, he says it's capable of far more by way of some modernizing. What manner of transmission might be under there? He says it's a "heavily modified Powerglide." You think? [Thanks to Mark for the tip.]

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