We admit; this is only peripherally related to cars. However, that doesn't change the fact that US Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles wearing diapers to confront, allegedly intimidate and possibly kidnap another woman in an airport parking lot. Nowak felt Colleen Shipman was romantically involved with Space Shuttle Discovery pilot William Oefelein whom Nowak had a big ole crush on (even though she's married with children, as is he). Back to the important bits: The diapers were so Nowak wouldn't have to stop and pee on her voyage from Houston to Orlando. The article states that lots of astronauts wear diapers. This raises a number of questions in our mind, chief among them being what sort of a vehicle has a 900-mile range? Even Clarkson the Great could only coax 800 miles out of his diesel Audi. And we wager that NASA-chick here was driving pretty fast. Plus, if she had to stop for gas, why not stop for a pee? Unless... yeah. Fans of the first season of Upright Citizens Brigade will find below to be the funniest headline of all time.

Astronaut arrested in alleged kidnap attempt [Associated Press]

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