How to organize and maintain your car to save you time, money, and effort

Whether your car is in pristine condition or a disaster area, you can do a number of simple things to keep it organized, well-maintained, and working its best. Here's how to make your car do more for you. [Lifehacker]


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Man... why are these getting cross-posted. The average car noob's 10 year old Malibu has no need for synthetic oil. If you go into a quicky-lube oil change place and ASK them how long a synthetic oil will last, I guarantee they'll tell you 3K, no ifs, ands or buts - regardless of what the manufacturer's specified interval is. How does that save money? I have a couple family members I've tried to convince to do their own basic auto maintenance, but I've come to the conclusion it's just not their thing. For them, getting their oil changed with the most basic conventional oil every 3K is probably the best thing, instead of getting ripped off by asking the always-helpful salesmen at Jiffy Lube for car advice.