An (non) independent adjudicating authority that exists in the form of only one of the guys that exists in the form of has declared that "King of the Road" by Roger Miller is the website's (Inter)national anthem. Yes, we will stop with the parentheses now. And while Airstream is the official trailer of the hipster elite, we're officially bucking that shit as of its appropriation by Ford at the Detroit Auto Show. Make no mistake, we love us some polished aluminum, but the recreational vehicle that truly captured our childhood heart was the Wilderness travel trailer.

When our folks picked up a 16-foot '76 model for 900 clams (in cash) back when we were but a small boy in an unironic white-foam-and-orange-Mr. Mesh GNB Batteries cap, we were ecstatic. In fact, Mum Johnson remarked recently upon the decision to sell the current family trailer that she never liked it as much as the old Wilderness. Mark our words, Wilderness is the new Airstream. Plus, eight hours pushing broom might not buy you a '70s 16-footer of your own these days, but we're betting 40 would, easily. 40 hours of blogging? Possibly, but unlikely.


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