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• Oh what a feeling of a more narrow gap between ToMoCo and the General. [Freep]
• FoMoCo's got all sorts of plane brains, plane strains and automobiles. Where's John Candy when you need him? [NYT Video]
• Mulally thinks FoMoCo has hit rock bottom. That remains to be seen. [Freep]
• Danny Howes as Frodo: FoMoCo and the UAW need one bonus plan to rule them all! [Detroit News]
• Eric Morath of the Detroit News joins the automakers in the not-so-real world of Second Life. See, we told you the News has been living in their own world for years now. [Detroit News]

• Awe, shock — FoMoCo, we didn't expect better out of you. (sub. req.) [WSJ]