Is it possible to have spent every third or fourth summer in the UK from the ages of three to seventeen and have completely forgotten the Vauxhall Firenza? Especially when the first car we ever drove besides a go-kart or a Rambler on our father's lap was an Oldsmobile that shared the same name? Especially given our reverence for the Opel Manta — and to a lesser extent — the Ford Capri? Sadly it is. So as penance for our lack of reverence for this 1970s Eurobred, we are posting about it. We do, however, suddenly remember being in Northern Ireland in what must have been 1987 and seeing a Firenza parked on the street on the way to Mass and thinking, "Hrm, that doesn't look like the Firenza we have at home...but it kind of does, only weirder-looking." Hindsight being what it is, we'd take the Vauxhall over the Olds.

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