Commenter pres just recently asked, "When did the Eagle Summit suddenly become en vogue again?" We understand if pres missed the boat, although the correct answer to his query is, "When did anything that was sold other another name as the Mitsubishi Space Wagon ever go out of vogue?" What's more, its antecedents, contemporaries and successors were also sold variously as the Colt Vista, the Mitsubishi Chariot (A Chariot, people — if that's not Super Great, we don't know what is), the Expo LRV and even the Hyundai Santamo and Kia Carstar, and you just know when it's time for Apollo to play family man, he rolls correct across Hellenic skies in one of these babies. Meanwhile, we're amped to drive the spiritual descendent of the Carstar, the space-wagon-thirst-quenching Kia Rondo. Anything else, pres?

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