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1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo makes you want to do drum solos

If you had other ideas when "they" told you to go into medicine, the strikingly new 1981 Monte Carlo was the car for you. Chevrolet built it for people that were so proud of who they were it could only be expressed through drum solos and Monte Carlo ownership.


Just because you decided to become a musician instead of going to med school didn't mean owning a two door six cylinder vehicle that was "sculpted to cheat the wind" was out of reach. As this classic ad shows it could still be you and the 1981 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

According to GM, the 1981 car buyer would choose the Monte Carlo because they are proud of who they are. After a few years of driving the big six cylinder car blessed with 80s GM build quality, even if they remained proud of who they were we're guessing most Monte Carlo buyers started questioning their choice in cars.

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

My parents had an 81 Monte Carlo when I was growing up. They had upgraded, and the Monte became the car I drove for the first year of having my driver's license.

I bought a Mustang fastback less than a year later. The Monte was better than no transportation, but it wasn't a whole lot more exciting than that. Balloon tires, and soft suspension, and a fair amount of weight for a carbureted early 80's 3.8 V6 to carry around... especially one that was more than 10 years old.

Plus it was similar to the pictured car, the same powder blue, but with a white vinyl landau top that the pictured car should be thankful not to have. Not even the dark-blue vinyl, but the 70's leisure suit white. Tragically un-cool.

If it had been a darker, nicer color, and a small block V8... especially if it had had T-tops, and a floor shift and bucket seats, rather than bench seat and column shift, I probably would have been a bit more enthused, as a teenager gear-head.