Do not ask us why, because we honestly don't know, but we decided to see what the words "Kawasaki" and "boat" looked like together in our Google Search field. Actually, we do know why. Now and then, we get obsessed with the word "boat." It's surprisingly fun to say, for such an inconsequential little monosyllabic noun/sometimes verb. So we thought, what other word is really fun to say, preferably a brand. "Kawasaki" came to mind. Say it, savor it. After typing out the words together and mashing play, we found a result that read, "Oklahoma, Can-Am, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo Sport Boats, Schwinn..." And well, anything that puts Oklahoma, Can-Am and Schwinn in the same line has gotta be our kinda place. Then we heard the theme song...

M&W Powersports

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