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Ok, so here's what we know. Earlier today FoMoCo issues a press release tauting six states receiving a test fleet of new E85-fueled hybrid Escape SUV's (gallery below). On top of that news, but wholly unrelated, there appears to be some kind of a run in stocks of companies involved in E85 production today. We've also heard unconfirmed reports the ethanol lobby plans to open up a bigger office in Washington, DC. How can these seemingly unrelated things all be happening today? To explain, let's put it together into a handy math equation below the jump.

Ford press release On E85 Hybrids
run in E85 stocks
corn lobby opening up new lobbying office
Bush plans to announce the continuation and expansion of an ethanol policy in tonight's State of the Union address. He'll be pushing a crop which yields less energy than is required to produce it. Hooray, corn! Boo, energy efficient switchgrass and sugar-based ethanols!
See, unlike some people, we learned basic math in school. We also learned how to get into fights, but whatevs — nobody's perfect.

Springtime for Ethanol [NYT]

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