When I was a kid I would ask to go over to play at my older cousin's house in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak not because I loved my cousin so much, and not because he was five years older than me and therefore worlds cooler. Rather, it was because he had an Evel Knievel Stunt Set with a gyro-powered motorcycle and Knievel action figure. I'd play with that set every moment I could, setting it up and running the cycle into every conceivable object and barrier I could come up with. That is until I ran it off of the table trying to make it jump into the sink and the cycle broke in two. I haven't talked much with my cousin since then. But now that I've found out Ideal Toys is again producing Knievel cycle kits like this "Deluxe Dare Devil Stunt Set" maybe I'll have to buy my cousin a replacement, and then he can look like the poor schlep in the picture to the right, playing with his little Evel Knievel doll. Who am I kidding, that'll be me too. Gallery below.

Evel Knievel Stunt Set [Firebox via uncrate]


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