Despite our love for vintage Mopars, we've never been particularly enamored of the extra-Coke-bottle early-'70s Chargers, despite our mad crush on the '68-70 cars. But Shawn Crahan — drummer and clown-mask-wearing guy from Slipknot — is auctioning off a quartet of project '73s that he won't get around to finishing. It's sort of telling that a guy in a craptastic band in a genre with the potential for greatness would choose to attempt to restore an example of the most turdtabulous years in the initial run of one of the greatest American cars of all time. And then not even bother following through. Also, we would like to know what a 385 Camaro engine is and what's more, what business it has residing in a classic Mope. Fucking Iowa mulletheads. Sheesh.

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