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There's so much black tape and cardboard on this test mule, this could be Jag's S-Type replacement scheduled for launch this fall or it could be the next Ford Mondeo. Ok, it's probably not the Mondeo, but the folks at TCC claim it's code-named X250 and it's aimed at not only old S-Type buyers but also buyers of the BMW 5-Series. The new replacement for the no-longer-SexyType is expected to be powered by a slew of engines, including the new 3.2-liter six-in-a-row powering the Volvo S80. On the top end engine we're told it'll receive an 0.8-liter upgrade from the 4.2-liter V8 currently found in the S-Type. We've not got much else to say — except we've also heard FoMoCo plans on using this vehicle as the next ride for James Blonde. We can't wait.

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