Neither bee, nor van, the Volvo "BeeVan" is nonetheless a conceptual piece representing what the company's next generation of long haulers could look like. A scale model was displayed somewhere in the basement of the Detroit show, and we overlooked it. Still, its a wellspring of trick technologies and design novelties. It's got a center-oriented driver position (sorry, FVDP - Full-View Driver Position), remote vision cameras to eliminate blind spots and dual armrest consoles that interface with advanced technologies like lane tracking, vehicle proximity sensors and driver drowsiness detectors. A backward-sliding door and a set of retractable steps ease entry, and the cab includes amenities like sleeper berths, a dinette table and other living-space components that provide "office, relaxation, dining, personal storage and sleeping functions" (is that what the kids are calling it these days?). And all of that exterior weirdness? It's part of a plan to reduce drag and increase air intake, by routing air hither and yon through the architecture. What's your 10-20, Sn man.

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