First of all, YES!!!! Second, just yesterday we were listening to comrade Scott kvetch about not wanting to paint his Type III black. How about black with a white roof we said. Yes, that's a factory option Scott replied, but he'd look like the fuzz. After we ran through all the OEM colors and Scott explained how red is the ultimate midlife crisis color for a Type III (which we still don't get), we suggested that since the car has such a unique front end a two-tone paint scheme is the way to go. Scott glared as if we just denied Volkswagen helped out with the Holocaust. Well, eat this Scott! Orange skunk stripes on a pewter body. Though gray is probably a factory color. And the orange Le Mans-ish lines most likely came free with a Hazet or something. Either way, we're sure Scott is thumbing his eyes out. Go ahead and jump for a few more pics. [Vega is the tipmeister]

Yeah... Hell yeah!

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