Florida mayor's official SUV is literally a pimpmobile

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Sometimes, fiscal responsibility and the prostitutional arts collide and a choice has to be made: let the taxpayers pay foot the bill for a car payment or drive around in a GMC Yukon Denali formerly used for the transportation of escorts? Mayor Bob Buckhorn of made the right choice. Now he's big pimpin' in T-A-M-P-A.

The Tampa, Fla., Mayor is in the Yukon Denali (not pictured) of infamous local pimp Melvin Fox, who was eventually busted after allegedly forcing someone's daughter into prostitution. When Mayor Bob saw the Denali he knew it would be perfect for his kids — as soon as he removed the spinning chrome wheels.

"A product of ill-gotten gains is being put to good use," Mayor Bob told the St Petersburg Times "Where [Fox] is going, he won't need a car."


(Hat tip to Matt!)

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I like his style, while I think the law keeps me down sometimes, I'm up for anything that saves taxpayers money. The town I grew up in (Troy, MI) had a '32 Ford Roadster done up as a police vehicle for shows that they got from a drug bust, I believe they still have it. I just sent an email to a guy I went to school with that's now a copper for the city, I can't find a picture or any info on it but I swear I'm not making this up it was possibly the coolest cop car ever!