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Change your tune with the 1973 Volvo 140

Get rid of the attractive spokeswoman and luxury backdrop, according to this classic Volvo ad the way to sell your car in 1973 was with involved diagrams and nerdy engineers in white coats. Instead of "fluff", other car makers started talking about disc brakes and strong bodies while trying to build the kind of car Volvo had been building for years. You know, slightly boring ones that would probably be a lot easier to sell with the help of attractive spokeswomen and luxury backdrops.


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Dad bought one of a '72 144 in the mid '80s for $200. It was still in very good shape and was easily one of the best cars ever in the family fleet from a basic quality standpoint, beating out the newer, more fancier Volvos mom had.

The 140's get forgotten between 120 and 240's but they are outstanding cars.