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Look, we're as post-modern, self-destructive and borderline nihilistic as the next guy, but there's a couple things we hold sacred. Chief among them are the inherent and timeless sex-appeal of any camino, the eternal glory of the Starion, the holy trinity of Clarkson, May and Hammond and the undeniable, ass-kicking bad-assitude of the Chevy LUV. Lienert, the gauntlet is down; you can make all the big money you want telling the stuffed suits which $100,000+ hair substitute goes best with which mistress on which continent, but you cannot slander, belittle or disparage in any way our all-time favorite mini-truck. Especially in dreamy canary yellow. We're drawing a line in the sand. This will not stand, Dan. This aggression will not stand! Also, dude, "Light Utility Vehicle" is the preferred nomenclature.

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