Chrysler Group's been more tight-lipped about the money-making minivan than even the 600 hp Dodge Viper โ€” and that makes sense, as they'll be selling somewhere around 100 times the number of minivans than cobra-kai cars. So it's no wonder they'll probably be a little upset some Spanish-language mopar enthusiast site's gone and swept their leg on these two shots โ€” one of the ass-end of the new Dodge Caravan and the other of the frontward-facing Chrysler Town & Country. As of yet, no other deets have emerged โ€” but, we're sure someone's gonna do their best to rip the rest of the info from the Jason Vines' warm and protective bosom. The Town & Country's above and the Dodge Caravan's below the jump โ€” we'll have more come Detroit or you know, whenever this mutha's torn wide open. [Hat tip to Jim!]

UPDATE: Chrysler Group's asked us to take down these two pictures as they've promised to request the same from our original source. We've agreed, and given them some time to do just that. Don't we all just LOVE embargoes?

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