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He's a record-setting balloonist, sailor and pilot, and he's even run the 24 Heures du Mans. He's Steve Fossett, and he holds a fistful of records. And now, with the purchas of Spirit of America, he's going after the outright land speed record, hoping to take down the nearly-a-decade-old Thrust SSC record set by Andy Green, the first man to verifiably go supersonic on land. Back in 1997, Craig Breedlove was chasing the supersonic record as well, but a grenaded jet engine put an end to his attempts and a lack of sponsorship dollars has sidelined the car ever since.

Realizing that as he approaches 70, his days behind the wheel are over, Breedlove has agreed to sell the last in a storied line of land speed record cars to Fossett. We'll be happy to see the Spirit back in action, but it's a little sad that Breedlove won't be behind the wheel. And well, we doubt that the Beach Boys will ever write a song about Steve Fossett. [Thanks to Scott for the tip.]

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