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Along with FoMoCo's release on the new Interceptor concept sedan we brought to you over the holiday weekend was a corollary release on a Ford design direction we'd thought gone the way of the dodo bird, those pigeons in London and of course, the 427 concept car from 2003. That thought-to-be extinct species would have to be the "squircle" — a made up word from Ford to show off the innovative and provocative design element consisting of a "partly square, professionally rounded circles." Ok, seriously now — do we need a press release touting the ability for a major automaker to round the edges of a square? Better yet, do we need a press release touting a major automaker instituting a design element found on not only the Ford Fusion but also on the heretofore already mentioned 427 concept? I mean, what's next — a separate release on how a car company's remembered to include tires on its concept car this time around? Fully squircled press release after the jump.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.


They reemerged on the auto show circuit several years ago. Partly square, professionally rounded circles - affectionately dubbed squircles - debuted on the Ford 427 concept and inspired the Ford Fusion's headlamp shape.

On the Ford Interceptor concept, squircles are back - inside and out. This time, you'll find squircles applied to the headlamps, taillamps, grille and in the interior as accents to the four-door sedan's instrument panel, door trims, console, floor and four seats. Even the steering wheel is a squircle.

"This unique shape - along with the wide expanse of the instrument panel - makes the Interceptor concept instantly recognizable as a Ford," said Peter Horbury, executive director - Design, The Americas.

It should, says Freeman Thomas, director, North American Strategic Design. Squircles can be found on the most memorable Fords throughout history.

During a visual audit of Ford vehicles dating back to the Model T, Thomas and his team found squircles on a number of models, including the iconic '32 Ford. "You can see the squircle shape in the grille, whole hood and side body view," he said.

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