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Good job by Chevy in buying up any and every advertising possibility as the US of A rings in the new year. To capture the attention of the greatest of generations, Times Square will get a Chevy clock and the brand that brought you both the Corvette and the Aveo will be passing out plastic hats and some other silliness. And for those of us who happen to be a member of one of the lesser n' younger generations, the General's bargain brand's dropping its name on top of the service responsible for this year's Time Person of The Year — YouTube. The American Revolution's sponsoring an "upload your new year's greetings, get on the front page of YouTube" thing. Because yeah, I really give a rat's ass about some dude in Dubuque wishing me a Happy New Year. Who's making the calls on this new media anyway? I mean, if it's not a dick in a box somewhere, it's marketing like this.


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