224 mph on the autobahn in a station wagon

G-Power's twin-supercharged BMW M5 Hurricane RS is a feast of numbers: 750hp, or 243hp more than stock. It's topped out at 228 mph on a test track. Now watch a Touring do nearly that, slicing past practically-stationary semis. [via M5board]


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These guys are why I loath driving in Germany.

All it takes is one lorry to pull out and you are history, your closing speed on someone who is legally overtaking at 80-90 mph is just horrific, and you are a menace. Don't forget the occasional German driver who will pull out for the hell of it.

I enjoy driving fast, and I like the fact that I've let the leash off a V8 Mustang a few times on the Autobahn (nothing better than setting cruise at 145mph at 4k), but don't for a moment think that it's an easy way of traveling.

But 220 at night - the driver is just a menace.

It doesn't help that Germans are some of the worse drivers in Europe. Ever wonder why they have the biggest pile ups in the fog? It's not because they slow down when visibility is poor as demonstrated by the loon above.

(Wait till someone throws the anchors out behind you from high hundreds late at night whilst you're overtaking and you'll suddenly realise how fricking dangerous these people are.)