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Look, we here at Jalopnik love Top Gear. By proxy that means we love Jeremy Clarkson. Which means that we take his weirdo "global warming is bollocks" opines and Britannica Over All Others nonsense in stride. Sometimes he's even right (about the latter). Like the time he said Alan Shepard was the first American to ever do anything the Brits hadn't done first (full disclosure — we're British on both sides of the family). But what Jezzo always fails to own up to is that when England goes wrong, they go so fucking far a field it's nauseating. The above Tover is blood pudding proof. Yeah, it's got a 3.5-Liter Rover V8 like 92% of all British cars do, and that's it. The builder claims to have, "Surprised many would be boy races at various traffic light controlled intersections." Um, old chap, in the Tover, even if you win, you don't win. All the Fieros rebodied to look like Countaches in the world do not equal this unforgivable sin. Oh crap, it's from New Zealand? Somehow, that makes sense. A thousand apologies, Mr. Clarkson.

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