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The old man used to go on and on about the glory of Grandpa Loverman's 1953 Buick Roadmaster. It was beautifully styled, possessed a powerful straight-eight, had advanced features like... wait for it... power door-locks! Best of all, it was called the frickin' Roadmaster! Car names don't get better than that. Neither, really, do cars. Today's Buicks on the other hand, in the words of Car Tzar Bob Lutz, are damaged. Even if the new rides (like the Outlook Enclave) do manage to follow in the mighty footsteps of their noble ancestor (they don't), they will still have lousy names. Lucerne is reminiscent of dairy products and LaCrosse is only interesting if you recall Jim Brown's college days when he lettered in lacrosse at Syracuse. I won't ruin it for you, but the NFL great enjoyed chasing rich white guys around with a stick. Even so, Jim Brown would never drive a LaCrosse. However, another dominant American athlete, Tiger Woods, would be happy to. My point? I just hope Mr. Woods is aware what they do with tiger dongs in China.

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