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FoMoCo released a new variant on the Euro edition of the Fusion, which unlike the 'merican car with "Bold" "Hi, I'm Dave" razor-blade styling, is a minicar built off the Fiesta platform exhibiting more of a "Meek" "Hi, I'm your auntie" mini-minivan styling. But although this variant is called the "Pursuit Edition" it appears to lack the performance add-ons one would expect from a vehicle named after a word meaning "to give chase." In fact, according to the FoMoCo Europe press release for Great Britain, the new edition of the tiny-car will, in addition to providing some bespoke interior styling,

"add air conditioning, Quickclear windscreen and power heated mirrors."

Yes, well — maybe it's just laying in wait there next to the windmill — and at any moment it will hop out in front of its target and roast it to death with the power heated mirrors. Yes, that's it.


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