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Holy wow. Extra wow. Wow with T ng t Sriacha sauce! Wow with an added dose of Old Man Chinetti. In 1974, this 308 GT4 was a factory entry from Modena at Le Mans in the Group 5 class. The next year, Luigi Chinetti brought it back, but yanked the whole North American Racing Team from the competition due to a political disagreement with ACO officials. Some folks look at the GT4 in the same way they view the Porsche 914. Not us. Not quite the sex machine the O.G. Dino was, and not the swooping pants-dropper the Pininfarina-penned GTB and GTS were, it nevertheless rocks the angular '70s-Bertone styling well, and in race trim, it simply looks as if it has come to beat you. Hard. Plus, unlike the GTS and GTB, the gas gauge read "Benzina." Too bad it placed 38th during its only outing in the Sarthe due to engine failure.

308 GT4 Le Mans

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