Take an inside look at the development of the 1970 Chevy Vega

Although the small car trend was still fairly new in 1970 as Car and Track host Bud Lindemann explained, manufacturers had already had small cars on the drawing boards for a while by then.


The show followed the development of the notoriously terrible 1970 Vega from the Detroit styling studio of General Motors to the Chevrolet assembly plant in Ohio.

We don't envy anyone who had a part of the 240,000 test miles Chevrolet put on the Vega.


Along with Martin, Dutch Gunderson, Lana and Sally Decker

I know they rusted.

I know they burned oil.

I know they fell apart.


I still love Vegas, particularly the old ones. I've always liked the way they looked. Too bad they executed it the way they did. I grew up riding around the back of a '73 Kammback, complete with the woodgrain. Sometimes I scan Craig's List and eBay looking for one, but finding one that hasn't been back-halved or had a V8 installed is difficult.