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Way back in the dark ages of 2005, The Food Network and Al Roker teamed up (post gastric bypass) to modify an already kickass, vintage 24' Airstream trailer and use it for the basis of the show "Tricked Out Tailgating." After much work with circular saws, metal shears, helper monkeys, and perhaps duct tape, they built what is easily the raddest custom tailgating rig, and slapped a Food Network decal on it. Features include a fully functioning kitchen (surprise), roll out barbecue grill, booze tap, Subzero fridges, plasma TV and neat-o lounge area, plus a snazzy flame paint job and whitewalls for extra hipster chic. After the show was finished, the whole deal was bundled with a GMC Suburban and given away in a sweepstakes. My bet is the winner is selling this mobile chick magnet to pay for gas in the 'Burb and a few extra weeks at fat camp.

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