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The shooters at KGP have snapped shots of a crossover vehicle we've heard is code-named JC49 — it's a vehicle which will supposedly be built on the frame of the new Sebring/Avenger platform. Where what we've heard has diverged from what others are saying is on what market the new CUV (plus its potential Chrysler-branded cousin, which apparently has a similarly alphanumeric name — the JZ49) is heading for. The people at the ever-curvaceous Road claim it's meant to fight off the Toyota Highlander and Ford Edge on these shores — but we've heard it's to be built out of the Toluca, Mexico plant that's currently building PT Cruisers, and that it's meant to fight MPV's from a broad-range of competitors across the pond in Europe. It may be part of the Chrysler Group's plans to fight them over there while making cars that aren't selling over here — or something like that.

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